Silence is not weakness

Hey. Hi. Hello and how welcome back to a daily dose of what randomly cooks up in my head if not it’s not inspired by a sermon.

So today’s infamous topic is on silence. In the world keeping silent is known to make one weak , well nope I beg to differ. Let’s take a very simple example that should be very relatable. The infamous scenario of when the whole class gets into trouble for a few jelly heads or head. At that very moment you’d wonder if you should speak up about him/her/them or maybe not. In many similar scenarios you could easily be a hero or caught guilty of the deed. At times in that moment (s) it’s best to keep silent before the educator lashes out on you, 🌘

Try and recall with me to a time when withholding your opinion actually saved you a great ordeal. You know perhaps silence is the best remedy at times. Maybe it’s est to be considered of folly because you wanted to justify and or clear yourself. Even in life there will be unfair situations in literally 360° of a turn you’ll choose to take , you’d still find yourself corned. I say save yourself the trouble and drama that the desire and or urge to vindicate yourself comes with. Live a little , lay down your hair a little more and empty snd your head by choosing silence. Reality is you’ll feel despondent about keeping your silence, yes but once you choose to deny certain corners of life your blessing of speech and choose which, when and where to practice the art of speech this automatically becomes your new lifestyle that brings about a better version of yourself you’ll fall in love with 🤭💞

Signing out from Cïey Dada with my art piece for the day , hope it enlightens a great treasure in you 💋

Under an open heaven

Reality is that the heavens will always welcome you back irrespective of how many chances you’d possibly need yet one needs to always know , remember and honour the fact that you cannot be pretentious with he who had created your heart. For : the only one who can truly satisfy the human heart is the one who made it. 🤯

The pathway to hell is paved with so many pure intentions and with that being said nothing but genuine repentance and personally accepting Christ as your personal lord and saviour, your good and charitable deeds does not gaurantee your salvation 🤷

With God he had already set all your blessings aside for us individually and all that’s holding you back from receiving and or accessing the blessing(s) is your determination and willings to be blessed and be a blessing. The bible says to seek first the kingdom of heaven and everything else will be added unto you. The bible also says to ask and it shall be given unto you but how you ask matters too🍝. Do not wait for something sad or great to happen before you’d acknowledge Christ and accept him as your personal Lord and saviour 💅. For just as with a seed planted has its vital survival dependant on how you nurture it from day one and at what routine ,consistency and heart ;so much energy too should one invest in the effort to live for and build themselves for and with the good Lord.

Remember the day you told yourself that you were going to make it? Always remember that day. Don’t live for the disappointment that you didn’t try to or didn’t achieve your dreams. You are capable 💛. You have the most valuable resource(s) to make it happen : your mind ❤️🔥🌎.

If not for any other thing at least be in great awe and show your gratitude towards the heavens for always coming through when you called and for all you once submitted yourself in prayer for that you now own and or posses 🖌️.

Me name is Cïey Dada and the above art piece is titled under an open heaven that’s my Wednesday dosage of interest hope it lands you growth 💋

Love letter to anybody willing to read it

Love is such a beautiful thing you know. A love so pure and genuine that can and would never fail us is the type of love that Jesus has for us.

Good evening 👋. Good morning 👋. Good afternoon👋. My name is Cïey Dada and this is shout4joyarts blog and we are back with an on the spot blog post idea.

Sadly not everyone gets to hear the words I love you from literally anyone and one who is used to hearing those words can only but imagine but a person without those words goes through. You know Jesus is the biggest G. O. A. T for me at all times because imagine living to know that a day will come when you’ll have to endure an unexplainable pain for people who couldn’t care less if you did it or not. Honestly speaking I know I would run as fast as my feet can carry me if I was in that position yet here is Jesus and he went ahead with it and if that doesn’t tell you literally anything about your life and what it should involve and revolve around then I really do not know .

Just as no parent would let go of their own flesh just as much and more would Jesus never leave you alone. The bible says that the lord giveth not as the world giveth. The love God has for you was already kinda illustrated through Jesus as a living sacrifice. The bible says that we are no longer called servants but friends because the Lord now gives us insight in all he does.

If it’s happiness you seeking Jesus is your answer. If it’s companionship you desire ,Jesus is your answer. If it’s closure you need ,Jesus is your answer. If it’s clarity you need ,Jesus is your answer. If it’s long and ever lasting joy you desire ,Jesus is your answer. If it’s the desire to accept and perfect your shortcomings and fill up your emptiness then Jesus is your answer. Jesus is accessible through prayer. Lay down your worldly desires. Deny yourself and accept and embrace Jesus as your Lord and saviour and participate in the firsthand blessings of your life and that of others. The secret in growth and blessing is in giving. By giving it could be your time. Your attention. Your words of comfort and encouragement. Your prayer offering. Your charity acts … and the list goes on but then again remember that the true essence of life is not in your happiness but in the reason of others being happy because of you. This is a love letter from me to you 💛

ONE LOVE [relationship with God]

Well hello , hi there and how do you do. I go by the username Cïey Dada and I’ve brought with me a different topic today to the usual. Oh no the topic ain’t different just my approach is.

For what it’s worth I am a low-key poet on reality topics and I’m a writer too. For a 20th century born I often shy from writing about relationships entirely and it’s not because of any other reason but what the universe and modern trucks and tricks , cracks and traits have made it to be😩.

To date absolutely nobody has given a definite and simple definition of love. Even Romeo and Juliet who died for love cannot tell what exactly love is. People say love is beautiful, pure , appreciating and worth fighting for but then again what of those who committed suicide all in the name of love. What of those who got disowned for supposedly being in love. You know I have a terrible habit of laughing at absolutely everything especially at the least expectant time to burst in laughter but currently for me the biggest joke is being told Iloveyou from a person of the opposite gender with intimate intentions who does not love their creator or even fights nor attempts to have a relationship with their creator. The word of God which is a lamp unto my feet clearly states that “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son as a living sacrifice so that whosoever believes in him shall not die and perish but have eternal life”

I really do not know about you and how you’d define love but as for me I know that if my relationship with God through gratitude towards Christ is not going well nor is it active , prioritized and showing then I cannot love another . At the very moment my relationship with God takes strain I automatically forget how to love another.

For man has no ability to be loyal to more than one relation I say choose God because if your relationship with God has your complete loyalty then one can easily identify which relation you’d actually be a benefit to, benefit from and invest into.

Have you ever considered or rushed into a relation for security? Have you ever just entertained a relation because you wanted to be taken care of ? Like have someone think of your needs in your silence? Do you ever just want to be considered like you would do for anybody else? The world is full of uncertainties already as is and adding dependency on someone for security, safety and or consideration is a total hectic NO I’d say. You’d never know the deepest and most darkest thoughts of a silenced voice so how much more can you conclude on their intentions since the thoughts of a four chambered heart of a human is only known to God 🤷🤔.

Life is a total roller coast ride already as is and the wheel sometimes turns for the worst. Certain wounds dry out only to remain a scab. Not all memories will be pleasant but God’s call to all the weary and those who have laboured to find rest in him is free if any financial amount and stress, apart from you accepting him as your Lord and saviour and building a relationship with him.

Truly I say to you and empathize the fact that if you can rebuke and reject Satan then you can most definitely accept Christ as your Lord and saviour because that is of true authority 🍂

The joy in laughter

Life humm … sigh… just has a way of humbling us at times . It often makes you crave closure that you know would leave you feeling like the total opposite. Do you ever just stare at someone or think of someone and immediately feel fit. Do you ever just embrace the peace that comes after prayer , just hearing from someone , just thinking of someone or travelling back in time to just hear yourself laugh again 😩. Some clown who had a moment of intelligence once shared a view saying “laughter … is when the smile has an orgasm” , now I do not know what you are thinking about that statement but I simplify the saying as a smile’s outburst in excitement.

So laughter has joy in it right but then how would you explain laughter out of anger , when you are crying your eyes out or even when faced with a situation where words fail you 🤔. Trust me I am no genius but I know for sure that happiness too has to come at a price. Perhaps cutting off from someone , something or even a place. Me papa loves repeating the saying “you can fool and or lie to anybody you choose to yet , never your conscious” _

Laughter brings joy , peace , comfort and a beautiful feeling of warmth especially if it comes at no cost. In a would full of uncertainties learn to create your own certainties but limit yourself and caution yourself about all you’ll take in under the title and or belief of knowledge because the mind is your biggest factor of failure and or success but then remember our mistakes make us who we are. So live smart , be wild , creative , considerate and gem because there can only be a single you that can produce your results in our path to grow 💅

Trauma/traumatic experience (s) supervision

Well hello there, how you de and how do you do🥀. I’mma need you for a few minutes quickly. I’m no physic but I know you’ll be left deep in thought of reflection or maybe nostalgic emotions flows. I hope this post fulfills it’s purpose and it’s not a trance of thought or glance post.

Today I intend to take you through a trauma talk. How could trauma be described ❓. Dictionary definition for trauma says :¹ Any serious injury to your body
²A state of great shock or sadness caused by a particular   event
With today’s post I’mma be elaborating and focusing on the second definition. The best example of this trauma is death. Death is truly like the thief it is described to be since it steals peoples’ peace , comfort, joy , security and strength. I have never experienced death of a close family member but I’ve seen people change because of death. None of them were ever the same again but then again this is when things take a turn for the worst. Most people in our communities and or society’s make use of *they/I/we have never been the same again ever since* , phrase as reference to when their lives hit rock bottom. Truly I can never understand this loss but I know first hand that dwelling in your loss , sorrows had never and never brings about anything positive and or productive.

May we learn to channel the energy invested on dwelling on our trauma to better ourselves and others. We are called by God to survive. The Lord takes no pleasure in seeing our tears and the heavens rejoices when we push through and conquer the trauma. In a world filled with uncertainties may we learn or propose to create our own certainties with Christ as our aid.

There is a song that goes (I’m taking part of the chorus) :I know that I can make it
With him I know I can stand
Cause no matter what may come my way, my life is in his hands

As offsprings of Jesus’s disciples we need to learn to serve God right where we are and we got to learn to allow God to teach us what we ought to know. Though trauma causes us to loose track of our move(s) at times our main aim in life should be to get saved and stay saved.

That’s what I thought to share with your intelligence today. I do ask that no offence be taken for as to how I understand and or explain the traumatic experience acceptance – and – closure period because none was meant. I just wanna grow with you,have you grow with me and together we grow


Hello, how de and how do you do 😁 Well my name is Grace but on the app I go down as Cïey. Unlike an odd number of other girls I do not , no no let me clarify and say I do not imagine and drool over :a dream car, dream house , dream wedding ;dress ;the venue and it’s whatnots but I got dreams just not singled out as above. Don’t get me wrong having dreams and chasing them is a beautiful venture in it’s own timing.

I am probably not the most affectionate person you’d come across yet I got a very huge heart && I am a genuine and compassionate lover.

Anyways today I’mma talk on gratitude 🎨. Given our android generation everyone is *entitled* to an opinion and beyond.

Our God values obedience a lot yes and so much so gratitude as well. Pets show their gratitude by rubbing off their owners , humans we : hug it out , shake hands whilst saying thank you (and the list of these gestures knows no bounds 🙃)

As for this individual {me} I show my gratitude by smiling whilst saying thank you for a good or bad gesture and I take note to pray for the person and my part in the gesture (s) . With the recent pending pandemic I started thanking God for my concerns and troubles more than I said thank you for my blessings because I now fully understood the phrase of there when and where our human understanding(s) and or knowledge comes to an end there that of our saviour takes over and in the end facing whatsoever challenge that came or comes my way had and had become lighter because the Lord who is my shepherd had been holding his hands steady under my feet and pacing and placing my walks and works .

Darlings remember it’s more blessed to show gratitude in times of terror for there and then your strength is built 🌱. Remember if you wanna go fast you go alone but if you wanna go far you run with others , so lemme know what’s on your mind about GRATITUDE because the aim of my blogging venture is for me to grow , for you to grow and for us to grow, grow and grow .


Explore with me quickly and try to recall if you ever had to comfort someone about something you yourself are battling with. Like you gotta be strong when the exact same thing is killing you. I’m no genius no but I know exactly from a first hand experience how difficult that is. It’s easier said than done to get 101 odd things done in a world filled with uncertainties

The bible says that all things are vanity upon vanity because not even tomorrow is promised to anybody how much more than is getting out of a situation seemingly difficult.

Taking Covid into consideration it left so many worlds turned upside down. It destroyed so many spiritual strength, killed so many students mentally and left so much despair. In a world full of uncertainty nobody needs to be disturbed by the world’s problems again. People that appear strong are usually the ones life put through the most.

Quick testimony : I had to complete my high school years last year in the midst of the pandemic. The year started off so beautiful and hopeful but in the blink of an eye it all turned bleak and I didn’t know how I was to get through that year whilst academically fit again but then with time and baby steps it bettered for the better. But if you look carefully at it life humbled us and bettered us. We got to discover our strengths , weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Some of us with strong characters became bold , the bold became bolder , some weak became strong whilst some weak worsened.

So I say :right now we’re caught up in chaos. And you know what that is? The little particles that have no direction. Right now we need to pack them accordingly to form a solid foundation so that we continue to build our future and find clarity. So don’t stress about the people who bring no good to you or the environment you’re in. It’s either they rudely awaken and work together to find direction or we tell them “thank you for your time but you have time to sleep my buddy.” Start waking up because the world won’t offer you anything you don’t push for .” 🧚